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About Us

QUANTUM CO-CREATORS - Explore A New Way of Being
Our community intention is to empower you to discover, explore, and understand the power of this unique opportunity, company, technology, and device all to do with frequencies and the powerful endless uses & benefits.
“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”
— Albert Einstein
Quantum Co-Creators - Explore A New Way Of Being 💥
* This group is an exclusive 'non-corporate' High Vibing Heart-Centered Tribe, for our rapidly expanding conscious commUNITY and Healy Tribe.
* Feel free to join if you are invited by one of our High Vibing Healy Tribe from QUANTUM CO-CREATORS, or are not yet a part of the Healy World, and would like to find out more about this potent bio-hacking wearable quantum frequency technology - Healy, and this blue ocean limitless financial business opportunity.
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* Invitation to our epic community pic to continue to invite your tribe, and let's share testimonials, videos, and documents, to support co-creating impacting waves of conscious change of health, healing, and optimal wellbeing as together WE HEALY THE WORLD.
This group is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases. These are experiences of people in their own words. Testimonials published by us are independent and genuine. However, they do not represent a guarantee or warranty for similar results.
If someone has medical issues they should contact their physician or therapist first.
Every post in this group is made by the individual poster, and we don’t accept any responsibility for the content.
In Europe, Healy is a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain, and migraine as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illness such as depression, anxiety, and related sleep disorders. All other applications of Healy are not recognized by conventional medicine due to a lack of evidence in the sense of conventional medicine.